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Kapow recognizes the integral role of partners in its success. Whether you provide services, solutions, or a combination of both, Kapow is committed to helping you succeed. The Kapow Partner Performance Program can help you create a sustainable business model in a fast-changing environment where customers require value-added services, focused technical expertise, and a high level of overall satisfaction.

Kapow Software is uniquely positioned to work with you to develop, market, and sell innovative Business Intelligence solutions and services, positively impacting your bottom line. The Kapow Partner Performance Program is designed to make it easy for you to find the Kapow resources and expertise you need to support current customers and attract new ones.

Membership in the Kapow Partner Performance Program provides a comprehensive set of sales and marketing tools and services, and partnership with Kapow is an important element of your success in the Business Intelligence market.

The Kapow Partner Performance Program offers:

  • A three-tiered program infrastructure to ensure your Kapow partnership meets your unique needs.
  • A world-class training and certification curriculum to help you build new skills and differentiate yourself in the Business Intelligence market.
  • Access to superior technical support services for integrating and implementing
  • Kapow solutions.
  • The opportunity to leverage the Kapow brand to generate demand and win new business.

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