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Kapow Software:
Partner Lead Registration

To register a lead or opportunity, please take a moment to fill out the required information on the form.

Welcome to the Partner Program Lead and Opportunity Registration page! 

This page and form is for Active Kapow Software Partners Only. 

(You must have a valid PartnerPortal account to use this form – to sign up for a PartnerPortal account, or with any Partner Program or PartnerPortal questions, please email: partner@kapowsoftware.com)

Our partner registration system is designed to reward partners for the role you play and the value your business brings to the most important stage of the sales cycle – Opportunity identification. 

Once Opportunities are registered, partners will be eligible for additional discount and will receive the sales support you need from Kapow pre-sales engineers to provide product demonstrations of Kapow and pursue deals.  Opportunities will be confirmed via email by a Kapow partner manager once registered, and we may also follow-up with some questions about the lead or engagement.

Opportunity registration provides exclusivity for the partner with regard to the registered opportunity, and allows the Kapow team to provide you with all the necessary support and assistance to see the Opportunity through.

Our aim is to provide the members of our partner community with the resources and material needed to make maximize your partnership with Kapow Software.

Please fill out the form!  

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